Tatra Tech Inc.
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WE ARE LEADERS IN sustainable & effective solutions 

Tatra Tech Inc, recently acquired TPM Engineering & Construction Inc., in Canada and PC Engineering Solutions sro in Slovakia to solidify our vision and commitment to having an worldwide presence.  Tatra Tech Inc. is proudly an International based company, committed to providing superior services in the Mechanical and Structural Fields.  We are able to partner with our customers to design solutions that comply with industrial standards, local building codes and answer any queries you may have in the Mechanical and Structural Engineering fields.   If required we can provide turn-key services for all aspects of your project from start to finish, including Project Management, Engineering Support, Design Configurations, Fabrication, Machining, Installation and Final Certification.

In addition to the above-mentioned services, we have extensive experience in the reverse engineering field.  We are here to partner with you resulting in a well-developed cost-effective solution to satisfy your needs.


If your project requires certified engineering drawings Tatra Tech Inc. can provide plans for all aspects of your project, including configurations, material and cost along with engineering support. If your project requires certified engineering drawings, we can provide..


Our Manufacturing Facility and Supplier Network allow us to fabricate your project to meet tight deadlines. Certified Personnel will build and constantly be in contact with your project manager to ensure no surprises are present at Time of Delivery.


From Project Concept, Fabrication and final Installation Services, Tatra Tech Inc., is able to provide a worry free and Turn-Key Solution tailored to your needs.