TPM Engineering and Construction Ltd.

Steel Forming

TPM Engineering and Construction Ltd. together with Engineering Technology Associates Inc. (ETA), provide our clients access to, and full support of DYNAFORMâ„¢, a refined steel forming software package.

In Ontario, we currently support 10 clients working with DYNAFORMâ„¢, all of whom can attest to its high level of accuracy and functionality. Our clients continue to use this software because of its ability to decrease the time required in blank and die system design, and precision in evaluating the stamping process and final product.

Our customers rely on our consistent readiness to work one-on-one with them over the phone or through customized training sessions. This dedication allows us to ensure that our clients are getting the most out of all the software we distribute.

If you have any questions, or would like to request a demo, please feel free to contact us.